Concept Planning is a chartered planning consultancy based in Hertfordshire providing a range of development services with a track record of successful planning approvals developments and appeals.

We seek to add value to developers and equally enhance home improvements to private individuals.

Planning Application

Concept planning provide all the services required to make a successful planning submission and manage the process from beginning to end for clients. We have experience in managing the full range of development from a roof extension to multi-unit schemes. Client focus is very important to us, and we always have your needs at the heart of our work. Once a course of action via analysis and discussion is agreed, we submit on your behalf and manage the process with the Local Planning Authority.

Objections to planning applications

If you have concerns relating to the potential impacts of a development on your property and/or the local area generally, it is important to convey these views to the Council clearly during the application stage. We can act of your behalf and prepare objection letters grounded in planning policy which speaks to
the planning officers and can often highlight often overlooked concerns of the Local planning department. 

Site Appraisals

The scope and feasibility of a site is crucial to understanding the potential planning challenges and financial returns a site can provide. Concept planning can help guide clients through the positives and negatives of a prospective site and clearly outline the associated risks and seek to mitigate uncertainties at an early stage, before embarking on a development and investment.

Pre-Application Advice

We submit pre-applications to the Local Planning Authority and act on your behalf during the pre-application process. We provide the full service including architectural drawings but can equally provide the planning assessment if you already have instructed an architect or have a preferred architect you use.

Lawful Use and Permitted Development

Concept Planning can provide clear guidance as to what permitted development rights and identify pitfalls that often occur in areas that have additional restrictions. Certain types of extensions and
development uses often do not require planning permission as they qualify under criteria know as Permitted Development. 

Planning Appeals

If you have received a planning refusal the UK planning system permits the decision to be appealed to the secretary of state. We can provide honest feedback and advise whether there are strong grounds to appeal, and importantly how likely in our opinion the appeal will succeed. If we feel there is a good chance, we will be the first to let you know.