Multiple successes for a new dwelling in the London Borough of Enfield

The property in the London suburb of Southgate was refused planning permission for the subdivision of the site to create a new dwelling on site with extensions by the Local authority the London Borough of Enfield following a submission by a local architect. In addition to the appeal submission, concept planning advise on the permits of a resubmission with robust arguments for a two bed property while continuing with the appeal.

Concept Planning successfully presented a case to the Planning Inspectorate that the physical extensions and alterations to facilitate the subdivision of the site to create two here bedrooms dwellings no different to adjacent extensions and other roof and side extensions in the immediate location. The inspector agreed with the arguments and considered he extensions to result in no overt harm to the character of the street nor add excessive bulk to the host dwelling. 

The appeal was consequently allowed, and the local developer was able to fully commit to the project and finance their next project. The separate planning application for the reduced extensions to create a two bed unit on site was granted, importantly this allowed our client the local developer to retain a fallback position and secure funds. Both schemes make a modest yet important contribution to local housing need as well as reinstating an architectural feature on aa visible street. The site represents a sustainable new residential unit providing much needed family housing stock to a borough which has historically and currently under delivering.