Residential subdivision to create two three bed houses in Harrow

Via modest and appropriate extensions with strong consideration of the impact on the streetscene, a residential dwelling was granted planning permission to be subdivided to create two family size properties with on site parking in a highly sustainable location in Harrow.

Concept planning took design inspiration from the surrounding buildings, which includes terraced housing and detached houses in the adjacent conservation area. A significant portion of the location is landscaped with a robust tree planting strategy to create a sense of place and continue the village continuity. The five houses are all two storey with habitable areas in the loft and will feature traditional brickwork and fenestration.

On account of local opposition, the planning application was heard at planning committee and subsequently approved unanimously by councillors. The proposal made the most out of the existing site whilst having consideration for the surrounding character and appearance of the site and any existing and future residential amenity. Our client was able to make a successful sale with planning uplift on site.