Residential upgrade and Two storey side extension in the Green Belt

 A property in a poor state of repair and subject to historic extensions of a poor standard was granted planning permission for the increase of floorspace via a high quality two storey side extension. The strict local Green Belt policy combined with the existing non-original extensions resulting significant expansion to better optimise the site.

Concept planning were able to increase the floorspace using both Local policy criteria and national GPDO standards to enhance the existing dwelling beyond the usual provision outlined by the Local planning authority. 

The site was not without its challenges; following a bat survey, bats were located roosting in the roof and the site was subject to a medium risk of surface water flooding. Concept planning sought external specialist from trusted and progressive ecological and flood consultants resulting in a appropriate mitigation measures agreed with the Local planning authority. 

Working in tandem with an experienced and design focused architect with input from the client a local builder, a highly desirable property will soon be on the market in a highly sought after rural location.