Successful Appeal for front, rear and roof extensions
in Welwyn Garden City

The property in Welwyn Garden City was refused planning permission for a first floor front and ground floor rear extension and rear dormer by the Local authority Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council following a submission by a local architect. Following a fee appraisal the owner of the site instructed Concept planning to appeal the decision by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

Concept Planning successfully presented a case to the Planning Inspectorate that the physical extensions and alterations would have no harmful impact the character of the host property or the wider street. Front extensions are often objected to by councils but in this particular instance the location and design of the property was in the view of Concept planning and agreed with by the planning inspectorate in the decision, stating,


“The proposed first floor front extension would reduce the visual gap above the attached room linking the garage to the main two storey form of the house. The first floor front extension would be modest in scale and would alter the design of the property, nonetheless the existing dwelling is a modern detached property which has no architectural merit. The proposed first floor extension would not be incongruous nor dominate the property or the streetscene”.

The appeal was consequently allowed. The extensions will allow the owner and occupier of the property to better utilise the floorspace within their property for their growing family.